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Spectrum VIR VI Flame Scanning System

The Spectrum VIR VI Flame Scanner family offers reliable flame scanning and discrimination for a broad variation in fuels and burner configurations. This is achieved using an innovative approach to flame scanning. FPS has coupled standard visible, infrared (IR) and ultraviolet (UV) detectors with Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology, for significantly enhanced flame detection and discrimination.

Fires from different fuels and burners vary considerably in flame characteristics and in flame location relative to the burner. Consequently, sighting of viewing heads and variations in flame radiations among different applications are major issues in flame scanning. By analyzing the specific characteristics of the flame spectrum in a particular installation, the Spectrum VIR VI Flame Scanner allows the user much greater flexibility in defining the properties of an acceptable flame.

The Spectrum VIR VI system consists of one or more Scanner Viewing Heads to optically monitor the burner flame, and a Scanner Module central processing unit to analyze the head output signals and report the flame condition. Because flame analysis is separated from flame sensing, we are able to use the same processing module with a suite of Scanner Viewing Head configurations for diverse scanning applications.



Module -This is a processing unit that interprets the flame signal and provides the interface to the control system.

Sensor or Detector - An optical scanner "head" is positioned to look at the burner flame and receive a signal using a photocell or tube.

Mounting Hardware - This is the hardware required to position the scanner head on the boiler front. This can be either direct-sighted or fiber-optic.

Rack - The rack(s) houses the scanner modules and is typically located in a control cabinet.

Tuning Software - The Scanner Tuning Environment (STE) is a proprietary software package used to "tune" the flame scanners for a particular application.



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