Flame Scanners


Spectrum VIR VI – Mounting Hardware

The flame scanner mounting configuration is based on the design of the boiler and/or burners.

Direct sighted viewing heads are suitable for most applications, particularly in front and opposed wall-fired boilers. This configuration is designed to look straight through the windbox or burner to the target flame. The burner front mount fixes directly to the windbox wall or burner front and is equipped with an integral purge air connection.

Fiber-optic viewing head assemblies are used on installations where it is not always possible to maintain a direct sight on the burner flame. The rigid fiber-optic assembly is used in deep windbox applications to ensure an unobstructed view of the flame. The flexible fiber-optic assembly is designed for use on the tilting burners found on Combustion Engineering (CE) tangentially fired boilers. The rugged design allows the assembly to move with the tilting bucket, ensuring a constant sight of the burner flame. Both fiber-optic styles include a guide tube, facilitating removal of the scanner head for maintenance and cleaning.

Both mounting configurations are supplied with a local junction box which serves as a connection point between the viewing head and the scanner rack. The cable from the junction box to the viewing head is equipped with a quick-disconnect molded connector that mates with the head electronics.

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Cooling / Purge Air @ 25°C

Direct Sighted Assembly
Volume – 4 scfm (0.11 cmm)
Pressure – 4" (100mm) > windbox

Fiber-Optic Assembly
Volume – 50 scfm (1.4 cmm)
Pressure – 4" (100mm) > furnace



Scanner Head
Fiber Optic Head Assembly
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