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Spectrum VIR VI – Rack

Scanner modules plug into the scanner rack, providing the necessary termination hardware for wiring to the viewing heads and the Burner Control System. All external electrical connections are wired to terminals on the backplane and not directly to individual scanner modules.

The full size scanner rack can accommodate up to eight scanner modules and fits in a standard 19" cabinet. This arrangement has the capacity to control up to 16 scanner heads. Also available are half size and quarter size racks for smaller applications.

For networking, RS-485 connectors on the scanner rack permit interconnection of multiple racks and communication between the Windows-based programming terminal and the scanner modules. A common rack fault alarm can be used to notify the user of a module or rack fault.

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Power Requirements
4A @ 24VDC

Two RS-485 DB9 connectors

Rack Configurations
19" full size rack (8-slot)
Half rack (4-slot)
Quarter rack (2-slot)



Scanner Rack
Scanner Rack
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