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Spectrum VIR VI – Scanner Head

The scanner head, which is sometimes referred to as a sensor or detector, is mounted near the burner and is positioned at such an angle so as to maintain a direct sight of the burner flame at all times. The optimum head location is determined from boiler characteristics and the relative position of each burner.

The Spectrum VIR VI scanner head has three main configurations that can suit any type of burner and/or fuel:

Single Colour
- Visible (VIS) spectrum.
- Suitable for single burner oil and coal fired boilers.
Dual Colour
- Visible and Infrared (IR) spectrums.
- Suitable for multiple burner oil and coal fired boilers.
- Visible, IR and ultraviolet (UV) spectrums.
- Suitable for all gas fired boilers and dual fuel boilers.

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Power Requirements
50mA @ +/-12VDC
(Supplied from scanner module)

Flame Signal
4-20mA current loop

Scanner Head Cable 1
Six-conductor (shielded)

32°F to 158°F (0°C to 70°C)

1 A standard length cable of 23' (7m) is supplied c/w quick disconnect molded connector.



Single or Dual Scanner Head
Single or Dual Scanner Head

Tri-Color Scanner Head
Tri-Color Scanner Head

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