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Spectrum VIR VI – Tuning Software

The Scanner Tuning Environment is a comprehensive software tool designed specifically for tuning the Spectrum VIR VI Flame Scanner. This graphics based program allows the user to view and analyze the relevant flame signals. Using the software tools, the user can easily define a set of parameters to achieve discrimination between acceptable and unacceptable flame patterns.

An integral part of the Spectrum VIR VI Flame Scanner detection algorithms is a unique Rule Interpreter. This Interpreter executes a list of easy to understand equations, called Rules in STE terminology. These rules are created by the user with the rule building tools embedded within the tuning software. To aid in Rule design the STE provides the following components:

  • Analyze – View the real time flame spectrum to see what the flame envelope actually looks like and, more importantly, view the differences between flame conditions caused by load changes or fuel variations.
  • Learn – Instruct the Scanner to learn the characteristics, or Profiles, of a burner flame under varied operating conditions.
  • Compose – Write the Rules to describe the conditions that must be present in order to establish the required Confidence level which will enable the FLAME ON output relays of the Scanner Module.
  • Compare – Display the current flame spectrum to that of previously learned Profiles.
  • Modify – Reconfigure the parameters in the Scanner to suit changing conditions, and re-learn Profiles.
  • Observe – View all flame level intensities and contact states with a pictorial representation of the Scanners, shown in the same matrix as the burner configuration on the boiler.
  • Document – Record operating conditions to disk, including the power spectrum, for later viewing and analysis.

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Operating System
Windows™ 3.1/95/98/NT/2000/XP
Requires 10MB of disk space

Scanner Communications
One serial port required
RS-232 to RS-485 protocol convertor

1 Supplied with all Spectrum VIR VI scanner systems



Spectrum VIR VI – Tuning Software
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Spectrum VIR VI – Tuning Software
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