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SunSpot II Ignitor Flame Detector

The Fossil Power Systems Inc. (FPS) SunSpot II is a compact solid-state instrument designed to verify the presence of flame in ignitors. It achieves this by measuring the ionization of gases caused by the combustion process. A probe is inserted into the flame, and the ionization is detected by passing a small electrical current through the flame to ground.

The SunSpot is reliable, requires virtually no maintenance, is very economical, and works for both oil and gas ignitors.

The SunSpot is designed for two applications;
• The replacement for the "Delta-P" flame detector used in ABB-Combustion Engineering (CE) ignitors. This configuration consists of the SunSpot probe which fits into the existing high pressure tap pipe and the SunSpot electronics module, which is mounted in a convenient location.
• Integral to an FPS ignitor, where a SunSpot flame rod is installed in the ignitor and the electronics module is mounted in a convenient location.



Power Requirements
0.25A @ 120VAC
0.125A @ 240VAC

Flame Contact Output
Two Form-C Relay Contacts
5A @ 30 VDC (resistive)
5A @ 120 VAC (resistive)
3A @ 120 VAC (inductive)



SunSpot II Ignitor Flame Detector
SunSpot II Flame Detector Retrofit Kit

SunSpot II Ignitor Flame Detector
SunSpot II Pilot Flame Detector Module

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Sunspot ll Ignitor Flame Detector

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