CE Ignitor Upgrade Products

FPS provides several products for upgrading and improving reliability of existing CE ignitors on corner fired boilers. The FPS ignitor equipment is a careful integration of electrical and mechanical components which are designed to optimize performance in areas of fuel atomization, combustion, flame stability, and flame monitoring.

FPS offers the following products for these upgrades:

FPS ignitor horns are fabricated to exacting standards utilizing high quality cast stainless steel. Horn assemblies are available for all mounting arrangements.

Ignitor Booster – Oil only
An ignitor booster package is available as a retrofit on both FPS and CE oil horn ignitors. The booster provides an additional 14MBtu/hr of heat input. Adding the booster permits the ignitor to be used for warm-up and load support, as well as main fuel ignition.

Installation of the ignitor booster requires minor modifications to the ignitor horn and ignitor mounting plate. The ignitor booster consists of an additional atomizer assembly which is installed on top of the ignitor horn.

SunSpot Flame Detector Retrofit Kit
The SunSpot Retrofit Kit is available to replace P (differential pressure) type flame detectors on CE gas or oil ignitors in tangentially-fired boilers. The easily installed retrofit kit requires no modification to existing CE ignitor hardware.

Plasma Arc Ignition (PAI) System – Oil only
FPS offers an efficient ignition system to overcome the common problem of carbon build-up on the spark plug in oil ignitors. Over time this carbon build-up reduces the reliability of the ignitor spark, and consequently the ignitor. The PAI produces a high energy spark which instantaneously lights the fuel oil. Each powerful spark creates a shock at the spark plug tip, which disperses any material collecting on the tip of the spark plug. This continuous cleaning of the spark tip reduces the need for manual cleaning characteristic of conventional ignition systems.

Flow Regulator – Oil only
FPS’s flow regulator is designed to improve the operation of oil horn ignitors. The ignitor oil supply is regulated to the optimal level required to achieve efficient fuel atomization and burning within the environment of the horn.

Ignitor Control Box
FPS's manufactures ignitor control box / valve assemblies specifically designed to match the layout of tangentially-fired boilers.



SunSpot II Flame Detector Retrofit Kit
SunSpot II Flame Detector Retrofit Kit

PAI Shown with High Temperature Extension Rod
FPS Flow Regulator

FPS Flow Regulator
PAI Shown with High Temperature
Extension Rod

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CE Ignitor Upgrade Products

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