Combustion Air Assemblies

Fossil designs and manufactures custom skid mounted Blower Assemblies to supply clean combustion air for ignitors. Skid mounted combination starter assemblies for local or automatic control are available as an option. The duplex blower assembly is a commonly supplied arrangement however individual and triplex blower assemblies are also available. Typically, blowers are supplied with isolation mechanisms such as manual butterfly valves and check valves, or with automatic butterfly valves.


Typical Specifications:

• Factory skid-mounted Direct drive, TEFC motors

• Factory wired NEMA 4X starters

• Manual butterfly shutoff valve

• Check valve on each blower outlet

• Common discharge pipe with flanged outlet

• Inlet filters c/w pressure switches

• Automatic switchover on loss of pressure




Duplex Blower Assembly
Duplex Blower Assembly
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