Fossil Power Systems (FPS) has an international installed base of over 7500 ignitors, in a wide variety of burner designs and fuel applications. Installations range in size from package boilers with one ignitor to 1300 megawatt boilers with 112 ignitors.

Existing FPS Ignitor applications on utility boilers include both installations on new burners, as well as upgrade replacement of ignitors on existing installations. FPS Wall-Fired and Tangentially-Fired Ignitors are installed on package boilers, lime kilns, recovery boilers and duct burners. For retrofit applications the FPS Ignitor is designed as a plug-in replacement for existing ignitors and requires minimal if any burner modification for installation.

FPS Ignitors are backed by outstanding customer service and more than two decades of quality, integrity and field experience in the power generation industry. Through the careful integration of electrical and mechanical components, FPS developers have been able to achieve optimized performance in fuel atomization, combustion, flame stability, and flame monitoring.

Key Features:

Available for all industrial applications.

Ignitors available for No.2 Fuel Oil, Propane, Natural Gas, and other fuels.

• Dual fuel (Oil and Gas) ignitors available.

• Wide turndown ranges.

• Integral flame detection using the SunSpot ionization type flame detector.

Can be supplied with PLC controls, valve trains and combustion air fans.




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Dual Fuel Ignitor

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