Plasma Arc Ignition (PAI) System

The FPS Plasma Arc Ignition System (PAI) is designed to provide a high output pulsed spark (3 sparks/sec) for the forceful ignition of fuel oil. Each powerful spark pulse creates a shock at the spark plug tip, which disperses any material collecting on the tip of the spark plug. This continuous cleaning of the spark tip reduces the need for manual cleaning characteristic of continuous voltage ignition systems.

The PAI is supplied as a standard component with all new FPS oil ignitors. It is also available as a retrofit for Combustion Engineering (C-E) Horn ignitors, and for all existing FPS oil ignitors.


Spark Rate
3 Pulses per Second (3 Hz)

Output Energy
8 Joules per pulse (12 Joules optional)

Output Voltage

Power Input Voltage
120/240VAC 50/60 Hz

Input Power




Plasma Arc Ignition System (PAI)
Plasma Arc Ignition System (PAI)

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Plasma Arc Ignition (PAI) System

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