Ignitors for Tangentially-Fired Boilers

FPS has developed replacement gas and oil Horn Ignitors for the Combustion Engineering (C-E) boiler market. Our vast experience and expertise on C-E boilers, combined with an in-depth knowledge in the field of ignition equipment, has enabled FPS to implement significant design improvements and produce efficient, reliable ignitors for these tangentially-fired boilers.

FPS horn ignitors are assembled onto an adaptor plate so that internal components insert through the windbox chamber and rest in a strategic location within the ignitor horn. Differential pressure between the ignitor combustion air source and the furnace propels the turbulent fan-shaped ignitor flame out of the horn to penetrate the burner fuel stream and ensure positive light-off of the main fuel. A strong blow torch type flame ensures excellent main fuel ignition.

FPS horn ignitors are designed to fit standard C-E windbox arrangements, however custom designs are available for applications where the original burner structure has been modified. The ignitor is designed to use existing C-E windbox air with an option available for an external combustion air supply. The ignitors can be mounted in existing horns. If required, new cast stainless steel horns, complete with mounting hardware, are available from Fossil to replace deteriorated or damaged horns.

FPS horn ignitors are supplied complete with a custom designed mounting/adapter plate and gasket, to mount on the existing bolt arrangement. All FPS ignitors use the SunSpot flame detector.


Oil Horn Ignitors – The FPS Oil Ignitors burn No.2 light oil and provide up to 6MBtu/hr.
(Additional 14 mBtu/hr available with optional booster)

Gas Horn Ignitors – The FPS Gas Ignitors burn natural gas or propane, and provide up to 20MBtu/hr.




Ignitors for Tangentially-Fired Boilers
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Ignitors for Tangentially-Fired Boilers

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