Ignitor Controls and Control Interface

FPS offers custom Ignitor Control Packages designed to control and monitor ignitor operation, while interfacing with the Burner Management System (BMS). Control cabinets may be supplied with preprogrammed controllers or with devices wired to field terminals for connection to another control system.

Preprogrammed FPS ignitor controls incorporate tried and proven ignitor control schemes to ensure optimum ignitor performance. The FPS controls are customized to interface with existing burner controls, receiving start, stop, and permit signals from the BMS, and providing ignitor status signals to the BMS.

Control Cabinet / Valve Trains
Fossil designs and manufactures custom control cabinet/valve train assemblies to control and supply oil and/or gas fuel to ignitors.

Valve trains are available for oil and/or gas fuels, and are constructed using FPS automatic valve assemblies. Each valve train is pressure tested and includes factory installed instrument air lines complete to bulkhead, and wiring between the valve train components and the control cabinet.

Single Ignitor Assemblies
FPS designs and manufactures a compact ignitor control cabinet/valve assembly especially designed for installations where it is preferable to have one control cabinet per ignitor, as is traditional on Combustion-Engineering (C-E) tangentially-fired boilers. This assembly offers the same advantages as mentioned above in the Control Cabinet/Valve Trains section.

The single ignitor control cabinet/valve assembly features cabinet mounted valves to supply fuel and atomizing air (for oil ignitors) to the ignitor being controlled by the cabinet.



• Compact burner front package simplifies ignitor and ignitor valve control, monitoring and maintenance.

• FPS technicians complete a full factory checkout of ignitor control, pilot devices, BMS interface and valve operation prior to shipping. This significantly reduces potential for on-site commissioning problems.

• On-site electrical & mechanical installation time is minimized.



Ignitor Controls and Control Interface
Ignitor Control Cabinet/Valve Train Assemblies

Ignitor Controls and Control Interface
Valve Train for 5 Oil Ignitors

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Ignitor Controls

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