Ignitors for Wall-Fired Boilers

FPS Ignitors are suitable for replacing existing ignitors and for installation in new burners on utility boilers, package boilers, lime kilns, bark boilers, and recovery boilers. For retrofit applications the FPS ignitor is designed as a plug-in replacement for existing ignitors, requiring minimal, if any, burner modification.

The ignitors are available in either fixed or retractable models, and are capable of firing No.2 Fuel Oil, Propane, or Natural Gas. Dual fuel models which fire oil and gas are also available. All FPS Ignitors have excellent turndown ratios.

Combustion air may be sourced from the windbox or from an external fan. A clean external combustion air supply is recommended for coal-fired applications, to prevent problems related to flyash accumulation on ignitor components. Fossil can supply suitable combustion air assemblies as part of an ignitor package.

The ignitors can also be supplied with integral controls and/or customized valve trains.

FPS Ignitors are equipped with a guide tube housing which extends through the burner or windbox, simplifying installation and providing protection of the internal components. A stainless steel guide tube end guarantees extended service life. Fabrication of the ignitor assembly is done so that components which may require periodic maintenance or replacement are easy to remove, service, and replace.


Oil Ignitors – The FPS Oil Ignitors burn No.2 light oil and are available from 4 to 17 MBtu/hr.

Gas Ignitors – The FPS Gas Ignitors are available from 0.25 to 20 MBtu/hr. These ignitors are capable of burning natural gas, propane, and other fuels such as butane.

Dual Fuel Ignitors – This ignitor combines the internals of both the oil and gas models to achieve a dual fuel package.



Ignitors for Wall-Fired Boilers & Lime Kilns
Ignitors for Wall-Fired Boilers & Lime Kilns

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Ignitors for Wall-Fired Boilers

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