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Aquarian 3000Mini

The Aquarian 3000Mini represents the latest advancement in electronic water level detection for satisfying basic water level indication needs for boiler drums, feedwater heaters and other liquid level applications. The Aquarian 3000Mini is comprised of three major components: the water column with vacuum brazed water detection probes, the electronic Detection and Verification (D&V) unit and the remote LED display.

The electronic system in the D&V unit is connected to 5, 8, 10, 12 or more probes in the water column. The Aquarian column is custom manufactured to provide the most accurate indication for any application. The number of probes selected by the customer are installed during the manufacturing of the column and are spaced to indicate liquid level throughout a desired operating range. Individual relays are standard for every probe level to provide versatility in selecting high/low or other system alarm and trip level points. System fault indication is provided by a relay which monitors the internal power supply, clock and probe wire continuity and short circuit. A second relay is activated if water is detected above steam causing a level fault. The electronic detection circuit for a probe is accessed via three replaceable on-line Integrated DIP circuit chips.

A remote LED display panel, customized for the number of probes, is standard. A local display mounted on the door of the D&V is optional. To provide maximum system reliability, redundant power supplies are incorporated to maintain system operation should one of the dual AC supplies fail.

Key Features:
• Solid state electronics and two colour display
• Up to three remote displays
• Three way adjustment for water conductivity
• Redundant power supplies
• Wire continuity monitoring
• Level fault monitoring
• Local/remote fault indication
• Field configurable



1/2A @ 120VAC
1/4A @ 240VAC

Contact Ratings
10A @ 120VAC (resistive)
8A @ 24VDC (resistive)
1/3 hp @ 120VAC


Ambient Temperature
32°F to 140°F (0°C to 60°C)

Conductivity Capability
0.5 micromho

Column Ratings 1
650 psig @ 500°F
2000 psig @ 750°F
3000 psig @ 750°F

1 Other materials available for higher temps



Aquarian 3000Mini
Aquarian 3000Mini

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