Water Level Measurement


Aquarian 3000Visual
Aquarian 3000Visual Bi-Colour Water Level Gauge

The Aquarian 3000Visual is a 3000 psi ported gauge that produces a red/green image to indicate the water level in a high pressure steam drum. The body is precision machined into a trapezoidal shape. Light projected through steam produces a red image. Light projected through water is refracted (bent) and produces a green image. The gauge fulfills the requirements in the 2001 ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code Section 1 PG-60.1.

The Aquarian 3000Visual is a high pressure ported water level gauge used to measure the water level in high pressure boiler steam drums. The solid state Bi-Colour Gauge Illuminator and Display attaches to the ported gauge shown here to produce a red (steam present) or green (water present) LED images.

The Gauge Illuminator and Display is a patented device with 6 LED's pwe port to produce an extremely bright image, visible from more then 100'. LED's are immune to failure from vibration and have an average life of 11 years, which results in reduced maintenance costs.

Key Features:

• Designed for 3000 psi (207 Bar) and 696 F (369 C) steam service

• One piece type 304L stainless steel body and covers provide corrosion resistance and long service life

• Belleville spring washers maintain gasket loading under thermal and pressure cycles

• Laminated and die formed graphoil sealing gasket

• Two discs of premium V-1 quality clear ruby mica protect the glass from the steam and extend the service life


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