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High Integrity Brazed Joint Probe

"Once And You're Done"

Building on the success of the Aquarian brazing technology, Fossil has developed replacement probes for Clark-Reliance™ models ZG, FG, V and T gasketed probes.  This brazing technology is well proven with over 60,000 Aquarian probes in service worldwide.


Fossil Part Number Clark-Reliance Model ™ Pressure
9300-0006 Model FG 3000 psi
9300-0007 Model ZG 2000 psi
9300-0015 Model V 1000 psi
9300-0013 Model T 450 psi



Key Features:

• High density zirconium-wetted insulator

• The cut back on the stainless steel body design is to reduce a water wicking phenomenon that can generate a false indication.

• Conductivity sensing to 0.25 micromho

• Vacuum brazed for gas-tight fit

• 100% gas tested

• Hydro tested to 6000 psi

• Includes Monel silver sealing gasket

• Two-year warranty
on probe

• Ten-year expected life


High Integrity Probe Upgrade
High Integrity Brazed Joint Probe

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High Integrity Brazed Joint Probe
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